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3-minute read

Fallacy Watch: Ad Hominem and Arguments from Authority

Welcome to Fallacy Watch! This is where we look at some common fallacies (i.e., bad...

2-minute read

Word Choice: Formally vs. Formerly

A lot of adverbs end with the letters “-ly.” And some unrelated words thus sound...

4-minute read

Writing Tips: Dialogue Tags in Fiction

Dialogue is an important part of fiction. But when you have multiple characters, you may...

3-minute read

Example Press Release (Writing Tips)

We’ve previously offered a few tips on writing a press release, including: Start with an...

3-minute read

New Year’s Eve Etymology: Hogmanay and Auld Lang Syne

Happy New Year, everyone! Well, not quite yet if you’re reading this on New Year’s...

3-minute read

What Is the LaTeX System? (An Overview)

In the context of academic writing, the word “LaTeX” usually refers to the document preparation...

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2-minute read

Word Choice: Wail vs. Whale

What is the difference between a cry of pain and a 190-ton marine mammal? Well,...

3-minute read

Chicago vs. Turabian (3 Key Questions)

There are many referencing systems used in academic writing. And many of these systems look...

3-minute read

How to Create an Index in Microsoft Word

Have you ever wondered who compiles the indexes at the end of books? Traditionally, this...

3-minute read

3 Tips for Writing Dialogue in Fiction

“Fancy seeing you here,” the proofreader says, raising an eyebrow. “Word is you’re writing a...

3-minute read

Word Choice: Around vs. Round

Are the words “around” and “round” interchangeable? Yes. Except for when they’re not. The problem...

3-minute read

How to Write a Press Release

If your business has news to share, you can do so via a press release....

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