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3-minute read

How to Cite a Journal Article in IEEE Referencing

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is known for publishing an array of journals....

6-minute read

9 Words with More Than One Spelling in British English

The United States was founded to escape the tyranny of the King of England. It...

3-minute read

Word Choice: Half vs. Halve

Sometimes, seemingly simple words can cause problems. Take “half,” for example. It is a common...

3-minute read

A Handy Guide to Microsoft Word Shortcuts

Being proofreaders, we spend a lot of time using Microsoft Word. And being people, we’re...

3-minute read

5 Presidential Words and Phrases for Presidents’ Day

Some presidents have their faces carved into mountains. Others appear on our money. But some...

4-minute read

How to Format an NLM Reference List

NLM referencing is used by many medical schools and journals. Thus, if you are studying...

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2-minute read

Word Choice: Flammable vs. Inflammable

There are many words where “in-” can be added as a prefix to create a...

3-minute read

How to Apply for a Research Grant

There are several things you need to do when preparing a research grant application. These...

4-minute read

Punctuating and Formatting Dialogue in Fiction

Dialogue – i.e., the words spoken by characters in a story – is a vital...

3-minute read

Word Choice: Faint vs. Feint

Does thinking about homophones make you feel dizzy? Then you either feel “faint” or “feint.”...

4-minute read

How to Use Diacritics and Accents in Writing

Have you ever seen non-English words with little marks above certain letters? These marks are...

3-minute read

5 Top Social Media Tips for Businesses

Most businesses are now on social media. This is because platforms like Facebook and Twitter...

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