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3-minute read

5 Top Social Media Tips for Businesses

Most businesses are now on social media. This is because platforms like Facebook and Twitter...

3-minute read

Citation Styles in NLM Medical Referencing

If you are studying medicine, or even writing for a medical journal, you may be...

3-minute read

Word Choice: Viscous vs. Vicious

“Viscous” and “vicious” are both adjectives. They’re also close enough in spelling that it’s easy...

3-minute read

A Quick Guide to Comparatives and Superlatives

Comparatives and superlatives are used for comparing things (e.g., saying something is “better” than something...

3-minute read

Margins and Page Orientation in Microsoft Word

Among other formatting options, Microsoft Word lets you adjust the page layout of a document....

2-minute read

Citing an Online Video with Chicago Author–Date Referencing

Previously, we looked at how to cite an online video using Chicago’s footnote referencing. But...

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3-minute read

A Bear of Very Many Words: Winnie-the-Pooh in the Dictionary

Did you know that today, January 18, was A. A. Milne’s birthday? To mark this,...

3-minute read

Word Choice: Peak, Peek, or Pique?

Homophones are problematic enough when we’re dealing with two words that sound the same. But...

4-minute read

How to Give Feedback on a College Paper

Whether you’re teaching or just helping a friend, offering feedback on a college paper can...

2-minute read

Citing an Online Video with Chicago Footnote Referencing

From TED Talks to e-courses, platforms like YouTube offer a lot of educational resources these...

3-minute read

Fallacy Watch: Ad Hominem and Arguments from Authority

Welcome to Fallacy Watch! This is where we look at some common fallacies (i.e., bad...

2-minute read

Word Choice: Formally vs. Formerly

A lot of adverbs end with the letters “-ly.” And some unrelated words thus sound...

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