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4-minute read

Proofreading Day: A Brief History of Proofreading

March 8th is National Proofreading Day, a day to celebrate what our editors do best!...

2-minute read

Word Choice: Knit vs. Nit

The words “knit” and “nit” sound the same despite their different spellings. And since they...

4-minute read

3 Tips for Creating a Fictional Language

When we refer to a “fictional” language, we mean a language invented by an author...

3-minute read

How to Cite an Artwork in APA Referencing

Previously, we’ve explained how to cite an online image using APA referencing. But what about...

3-minute read

Spelling Tips: Label or Lable?

When you put a name tag on something, do you “label” it or “lable” it?...

5-minute read

5 Top Tips for Writing Clear Instructions

Instructions need to be easy to follow if they’re going to be useful. But how...

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2-minute read

How to Change the Paper Size in Microsoft Word

Did you know that Microsoft Word lets you change your paper size to suit any...

2-minute read

Word Choice: Our vs. Hour

The words “our” and “hour” sound the same but have very different meanings. And to...

3-minute read

5 Superb Student Exercise Tips

As a student, a little exercise can help you maintain fitness and stay healthy. Moreover,...

2-minute read

How to Cite a Standard in IEEE Referencing

Technical standards are vital for establishing industry norms. If you are writing about a technical...

3-minute read

How to Boost SEO with Long-Tail Keywords in Blog Posts

Using long-tail keywords in your business’s blog posts is an effective way of boosting search...

3-minute read

Word Choice: Build vs. Billed

It’s easy to mix up words that sound alike, such as “build” and “billed.” To...

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