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2-minute read

Word Choice: Vial vs. Vile

The words “vial” and “vile” are homophones: words that sound the same but have different...

3-minute read

How to Cite a TV Show in MLA Referencing

If you are writing about a TV show, or you simply need to refer to...

4-minute read

When to Capitalize Job Titles in Writing

Should it be “President Biden” or “president Biden”? Is the “social worker” coming to the...

3-minute read

How to Use Wildcards to Search a Document in Microsoft Word

“Wildcards,” in the context of Microsoft Word, are characters that allow you to refine a...

2-minute read

Spelling Tips: Chili, Chilli, or Chile?

You may have come across different spellings for the word “chili,” including “chilli” and “chile.”...

2-minute read

Word Choice: Genes vs. Jeans

The words “genes” and “jeans” may sound alike, but they’re spelled differently and have different...

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3-minute read

Citing Multiple Works in APA Referencing

APA style uses an author–date citation format, where you cite a source by giving the...

5-minute read

6 Tips on Achieving an Objective Tone in Writing

An objective tone is standard in most formal business and academic writing. But how can...

4-minute read

Spelling Tips: Website or Web Site?

Do you visit a “website” or a “web site”? And should these terms be capitalized?...

4-minute read

6 Tips for Writing About Disability

When writing about disabilities, we have the power to place people in either a positive...

3-minute read

Spelling Tips: Meter vs. Metre

The words “meter” and “metre” sound the same, but only “meter” is used in American...

3-minute read

How to Cite a TV or Radio Program in MHRA Referencing

If you’ve referred to a television show or radio program in your writing, it’s important...

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