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2-minute read

How to Cite a Standard in IEEE Referencing

Technical standards are vital for establishing industry norms. If you are writing about a technical...

3-minute read

How to Boost SEO with Long-Tail Keywords in Blog Posts

Using long-tail keywords in your business’s blog posts is an effective way of boosting search...

3-minute read

Word Choice: Build vs. Billed

It’s easy to mix up words that sound alike, such as “build” and “billed.” To...

5-minute read

A Quick Guide to Shortened Footnotes in Chicago Referencing

In Chicago footnote referencing, you may be able to shorten citations to prevent repetition in...

4-minute read

5 Fictional Swear Words and Why They Work

There are times you might need to invent a curse word in creative writing. You...

3-minute read

How to Cite a Patent in Harvard Referencing

In academic writing, especially in engineering topics, you may need to reference a patent. This...

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5-minute read

5 Tips to Enhance Your Close Reading Skills

Close reading is an important part of studying literature. Typically, this means reading a short...

2-minute read

Spelling Tips: Cannot, Can Not or Can’t?

Is the proper way to write “can’t” in full “cannot” (one word) or “can not”...

2-minute read

Word Choice: Heard vs. Herd

The words “heard” and “herd” sound identical and look similar written down. But these words...

5-minute read

How to Revise and Resubmit a Journal Article

When you submit an article to an academic journal, there are several possible responses. One...

3-minute read

5 English Words with Origins in African Languages

February is Black History Month in the USA and Canada. To celebrate, we’ve taken a...

2-minute read

How to Cite a Blog Post in Chicago Author–Date Referencing

Blogs can be great sources, offering simple introductions to complex topics or exploring obscure ideas...

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