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Writing concisely is essential to providing your reader with a clear expression of your ideas. When sentences are constructed with care, your underlying messages and unique voice are emphasized and reinforced, creating a great overall reading experience.

Our experts editors are the best in the business at proofing and polishing writing, and they’re skilled at making words read beautifully and pack the perfect punch. To ensure your writing shines, we will allocate your document to the ideal proofreader for your work.

Key Refinements

When we review your writing, we will focus on the following key areas:


We’ll identify and
correct those hard-to-see mistakes.


We'll ensure every
comma, colon, and period is perfectly placed.

Sentence Structure

We'll strengthen your
sentences to ensure your words flow flawlessly.


We'll help you hone
and enhance your distinctive voice.

Word Choice

We'll help you
choose the words the best suit your sentence.

Next-Day Guarantee

Thanks to our Next-Day Guarantee, there’s no need to stress over deadlines. We’ll ensure that all documents under 10,000 words are returned to you within 24 hours.

For more pressing deadlines, cut your half your return time to 12 hours by adding our Express Service at checkout.

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We enjoy helping a wide range of writers, all with unique styles and distinctive voices. Simply choose the user type that best matches your proofreading requirements below to find out more.

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