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Create A Strong Cover Letter

Once you’ve distilled your skills, experience, and ambition into your cover letter, it’s important the finished result is articulate and error free. Cue our professional editors! They’ll set you up for success by objectively reviewing your work to ensure you’re presenting the best possible version of your CV.

Expert Cover Letter Editors

Our experienced team of editors have the training and education necessary for transforming your cover letter into standout writing. We’ve already helped hundreds of professionals produce cover letters that yield results, and we can do the same for you.

We’ll Refine Your Writing

When one of our expert editors reviews your work, he or she will work to enhance it by focusing on:

  • Eradicating spelling, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes
  • Enhancing overall flow and readability
  • Strengthening your word choices, tone, and structure
  • Offering suggestions for further development
  • Identifying any unclear, inconsistent, or weak areas

We’ll also provide you with an MS Word Track Changes copy of your work, so you’re able to view, accept, or reject any change made.

Our Guarantee

With our Next-Day Guarantee, your cover letter can be perfected in under 24 hours. If this isn’t fast enough, add our Express Service, and we’ll get your cover letter back to you in only 12 hours.

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Our editors are pros at bringing out the best in cover letters. With our free sample offer, you’ll see for yourself how impactful editing can be. Just upload a 500-word sample, and use the code 500FREE at checkout.

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