Karen E

Newark, Nottinghamshire, UK

“Proofreading improves clarity, allowing readers to focus on the meaning.”

Karen E

Specialist subjects:


BSc Mathematics

University of Wales, Aberystwyth


MSc Computer Science

University of Kent at Canterbury


Favorite referencing style

IEEE referencing because it seems the simplest.

Why I became an editor

After 25 years working in IT, I wanted to try something different. My previous role involved following rules and paying attention to detail (software doesn’t work if you get the code wrong). I have always enjoyed reading, and proofreading is a way to apply my skills to written work.

I also liked supporting colleagues so that they could get on with their jobs. I see proofreading as a way to help people share their knowledge, ideas, and creativity.

Background and experience

My experience in proofreading and editing started with training at the Proofreading Academy and a role at Proofed. My previous writing experience has been with business reports and technical instructions.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I like spotting mistakes and correcting them to improve the flow of a piece of writing. It's an added bonus if I learn something interesting at the same time.

Karen E

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Favorite book:

Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde


I sing in a choir. I also like swimming and walking. I'm like a dog – I need to go out for a walk every day!

Editing tips:

When you have finished checking a document, remember to proofread your comments. It could be embarrassing to have a typo in the comments you've added!

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