Becky R

Biggin Hill, UK

“Worried about homophones? There, their, they're.”

Becky R

Specialist subjects:


Favorite referencing style

IEEE referencing is my favourite style as it looks neater within the text.

Why I became an editor

I worked in human resources within the investment management arena for over 18 years. I decided that I needed a change and started investigating roles that played to my strengths and in which I could work from home. Proofreading fits this requirement perfectly.

I studied English and English literature in college and always had an aptitude for and interest in reading and writing. I had also been editing and proofreading documents for years in my work, so it was a natural choice, a satisfying role enabling me to help others turn a final draft into a polished document.

Background and experience

As an HR supervisor, I controlled the full employee life cycle, typically at a senior level, including onboarding, employee data management, and offboarding. I was also involved in monthly payroll changes, time and absence management, HR and compensation administration and service delivery, maternity process, HR systems support, development of HR systems, and UAT. Plus, I became familiar with a range of business documents as I continually updated and improved processes and procedures, HR policies, and the employee handbook.

Why I love proofreading and editing

Proofreading requires a level of ingenuity and problem-solving. When modifying or replacing a poorly written sentence, ingenuity is required. In understanding what is meant and deduce how text can be changed or added to in order to provide clarity requires problem-solving. Individuals expend a great deal of time and energy on their work; it is satisfying to know that these skills will assist them to transition a final draft into a polished document.

Becky R

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Favorite book:

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer


I have recently become interested in pyrography (wood burning) and whittling, however, having recently bought a puppy who’s demanding quite a lot of attention, I haven’t found too much time to spend on this but hopefully, it won’t be too long before I get some time to practice.

Editing tips:

I read documents aloud; often the ear can pick up errors that the eye may have missed.

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