How It Works

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Create your account, upload your document, tell us when you want it back, and let us know your specific requirements for proofreading.


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Relax! It’s Our Turn to Work

We’ll find the perfect proofreader from our expert team to review your document and then email you once it’s finished.

Our Editing And Proofreading Process


When you register, choose the user type that best describes you so we can pair you with the most suitable proofreader. We cater to authors, researchers, students, professionals, and businesses.


During the upload process, we request your preferred English dialect and return time (see more below). We also give you the option to provide additional information about your work for a more comprehensive edit. We can accept .DOC and .DOCX file formats via our system. If you’d like us to proofread other document types, simply email us your work.

Timing And Deadlines

Our Next-Day Guarantee means we return any document under 10,000 words in 24 hours. For tighter deadlines, we have an Express Service that cuts the return time in half, meaning you’ll have your work back within 12 hours!


Our prices are per word, so you only ever pay for what you submit. You can complete payment with all major credit and debit cards through our payment provider Stripe. Your payment details will also be tokenized so you can reuse them easily in the future. If you would rather Stripe doesn’t store your card details, you can remove them in your account settings.

Proofreader Pairing

Your user type and document requirements are used to assign your work to the proofreader that best suits your writing. If you’ve been impressed by the work of a particular proofreader, contact us with the document details, and we can match your work with your preferred editor.

Proofreading And Editing

Once uploaded and allocated, your document will be thoroughly edited by a professional proofreader. If you add our Formatting Service to your order, your document will be formatted in accordance with the guidelines you provide. Our quality assurance team will then review the work once complete to ensure it meets our high standards.


Once your document has been edited, we will notify you via email that it’s available for download from your user area. Both a track changes and a clean copy of your work will be available, enabling you to accept each individual edit and maintain control over your writing.

Receipt And Certificate

You can download a receipt for your purchase and a certificate of proofreading from your user area.


We love receiving feedback about our services. To tell us how we’re doing, simply use the star rating system next to your document in your user area. You can also contact us directly at any time.