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Our passionate, experienced, and professional proofreaders will make sure your writing is the best it can be.

Here are a few key areas we improve:


We'll identify and
correct those hard-to-see mistakes.


We'll ensure every
comma, colon, and period is perfectly placed.

Sentence Structure

We'll strengthen your
sentences to ensure your words flow flawlessly.

Word Choice

We'll help you
choose the words the best suit your sentence.


We'll help you hone
and enhance your distinctive voice.


Formatting can be as critical to a paper's success as its content. In fact, up to 10% of marks can be gained through thoughtful presentation.

Here's what we can do for you:

  • Create a cover page
  • Insert a dynamic table of contents
  • Insert a dynamic list of charts, figures, and tables
  • Correctly label all charts, figures, and tables
  • Insert section breaks at each chapter
  • Number your pages
  • Format all headers and footers
  • Format all titles, subtitles, and text

We know the importance of deadlines - that's why we've developed our next-day guarantee for all work under 10,000 words. But if you need your paper returned sooner, our express service is your stress-free solution.


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