Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Proofreading

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Is this service for me?

If you are an undergraduate, graduate, doctoral candidate, or professional of any kind and could use some assistance with grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, style, perfecting references, formatting, or any and all of these, then this service is exactly what you need. Whether you want a higher grade or are seeking publication, this service is perfect for you.

Why don't I just use spell check?

Spell check is a great tool, but it cannot do everything. For example, if you have redundant sentences or ideas conveyed unclearly, then you need to have your work professionaly proofread. Our well trained professionals will find those mistakes that are easy to miss when you are engrossed in your work and give your final piece a more defined and polished feel.

What kind of documents do you edit?

Will this get me in trouble with my university?

No way! Many universities actively encourage students to have a third party proofread their work. At Proofread My Paper, we only provide proofreading services that comply with university regulations. Click to read more about our service.

How do you upload and return my document?

Proofread My Paper uses a members’ area where new documents can be uploaded and completed work can be downloaded. Two documents will be returned: one marked with comments and corrections (Track Changes), and the other with the comments and corrections accepted (Clean Copy). This gives you the ability to control any changes that have been made to your work.

Once your document is complete, you will be alerted via email. Our custom-designed document management process means that your document will always be secure. Click here to read more about confidentiality.

Will you help me write my document?

No. Proofread My Paper will only provide editing services in accordance with university regulations and does not condone plagiarism of any kind. We believe that students' work should be their own. Our service is designed to help students achieve the grades they deserve. Click here to read more about our Service.

What parts of the document do you proofread?

We proofread everything in your document, including bibliographies, references, titles, tables, captions, etc. If it is uploaded, it is proofread.

Do you follow specific guidelines for formatting and referencing?

When you upload your document, you can fully describe which referencing style you are using or you can provide details for any specific formatting guidelines so your document is always edited accurately. Click here to read more about our process.

Do ProofreadMyPaper also edit in American English?

Yes, Proofread My Paper is a global service and we have proofreaders from all over the world providing a proofreading service in every English dialect. Simply choose which kind of English you are using upon uploading, and your work will be proofread accordingly.

Do you accept essays from all subject types?

The simple answer is "yes." We can and do proofread documents from all subject types. In most cases, your document is assigned to a proofreader who specializes or has a specific interest in that field. This way, the proofreader will understand the context, allowing them to make the best possible amendments to your document.

Who is proofreading my essay?

We have a meticulous application and testing process that all of our proofreaders must undergo to be a part of our team. The absolute minimum qualification we accept is an undergraduate degree and many of our proofreaders have graduate and doctoral degrees. This ensures that our proofreaders are qualified to provide professional and accurate judgments on your highly valued work.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards through our payment gateway, which is provided by Worldpay. Alternatively, we accept bank transfers, cheques, and Paypal payments if your work is emailed to us at [email protected].

What types of documents do you accept?

Our document management system can accept .doc and .docx documents. However, if you have a document in a different file format such as Latex, PDF, RTF, or PPT, please email them to [email protected] so that we will be able to proofread them for you. 

How do you prevent my work from being plagiarised?

All submitted work is kept within our secure database. Proofread My Paper guarantees that no work will ever be passed on to third parties. All work can be deleted upon written request from the user should they have any concerns. All work is deleted once twelve calendar months have elapsed from the date of final approval. All of our proofreaders sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement, this prevents them from sharing any of your documents or personal details. 

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