Proofed Launches User Area And Multiple Upload Capability

Proofed Launches User Area With Multiple Upload Capability

Users can now upload multiple documents at once.


Proofed has now launched a revamped user area, offering the same smooth customer experience as before but with new and exciting features. In response to popular demand, for example, our customers can now upload multiple documents at once.

This is something our business customers have asked for, but it will benefit anyone who has a large amount of work they need editing or proofreading. So, if you have several client reports that all need proofreading, you can now simply drag and drop them all at once.

And when you have uploaded your documents, you can write one brief for all of them to save time, or you can write separate briefs if each document requires a different approach. So we still provide the tailored editing service for which we’re well known.

You can even select different services for each document you upload and pay for multiple documents at once. Finally, we’ve changed the user area to make it easier to see and download documents after proofreading. And all this means that, from start to finish, the process of getting your work checked with Proofed is now smoother and simpler than ever.

Adam Harvey, CEO of Proofed, says that “Adding this function will allow business customers to submit large numbers of documents at once. This is something we’ve been keen to do for some time, and we hope it will pave the way for even more seamless document submission via new customer touch points in the future.”

We’ve applied these changes across all our sites, including our US, UK, and Australian sites. So, no matter where you are in the world, with Proofed, you can enjoy pleasingly efficient proofreading.