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Perfect Writing: Powerful Press Release

When it comes to impactful professional communications, delivering error-free and polished press releases is crucial. Enlisting the help of an objective expert editor will help ensure that your message is articulate and effective.

Expert Editors

Powerful press releases make great impressions. Our highly trained and experienced editors consistently produce great results. They’ve helped countless professionals create the best press releases possible, and they’re on hand to help you too.

We Perfect Press Releases

When one of our expert editors receive your press release, he or she will work diligently to:

  • Correct spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors
  • Ensure clarity, consistency, and professionalism
  • Enhance your sentence structure and word choices
  • Improve readability by adjusting tone and flow
  • Providing helpful suggestions for further improvements

Because we provide an MS Word Track Changes document, you’ll have total freedom with your final press release, enabling you to accept or reject any edit made.

Our Guarantee

Urgent deadlines? No sweat. As standard, we can review up to 10,000 words within 24 hours. Plus, you can get your work back twice as fast when you select our Express Service.

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We’re so confident we can improve your press release, we’re offering you a free sample. Just upload a 500-word free sample using the code 500FREE at checkout.

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