Business Plan Editing And Proofreading

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We Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Every good business starts with a good business plan. And if you’re starting or expanding a company, you need to make sure your business plan is up to scratch.

The best way to do this is to have a professional check it first. This will ensure it is clear, concise, and error free, improving your chances of winning investment.

We Are Business Writing Experts

The language of business is unique, so you need your editor to be fluent in it. We have editors with backgrounds in the business community. And we know what investors look for in a business plan. Every change we make will reflect this.

Professional Business Plan Proofreading

When you submit your business plan, one of our professional editors will:

  • Correct any spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
  • Check the tone of writing is professional throughout
  • Ensure your most important points are clear and concise
  • Identify passages that could be improved
  • Provide helpful comments and feedback

We also provide an MS Word Track Changes copy of your document. You can then review every edit we make for complete control over the final plan.

Business Plan Formatting

First impressions are crucial in business. But don’t worry!

As well as being expert proofreaders, we can format your business plan for a truly professional finish. So to make sure your plan looks as good as it reads, add our Formatting service at checkout.

Our Next-Day Guarantee

If time is money, then our Next-Day Guarantee is invaluable. For example, we return any document up to 10,000 words long within 24 hours as standard. And with our Express Service , you can have your business plan checked in an impressive 12 hours or less.

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