Manuscript Editing And Proofreading

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Preparing For Publication

When you’re preparing to submit a manuscript to publishers, you need it to be perfect. But after all the time and effort you’ve put in so far, spotting any remaining typos or errors can be difficult.

And that’s why professional proofreading is crucial.

Experienced Professionals

We have extensive experience of the publishing world. We even have authors and publishing professionals among us! This means we know how to prepare a manuscript to impress publishers, no matter what type of book you’re writing.

Expert Manuscript Proofreading

When you submit your manuscript, one of our expert proofreaders will:

  • Find and correct any typos missed during the editing process
  • Check the consistency of your spelling and grammar
  • Maintain your authorial voice throughout
  • Offer feedback on your writing style (if requested)
  • Make sure that your formatting is clear and consistent

After we’re done, you’ll receive an MS Word Track Changes copy of your document with all changes shown. You can then review our edits before submitting your manuscript.

Tailored Editing

Proofreading a children’s story is very different to proofreading an academic textbook. As such, different manuscripts may require different approaches. But we have proofreaders with experience of all types of writing. So if you have any requests for how we check your document, just let us know.

Express Proofreading

We proofread up to 10,000 words every 24 hours as standard, or 20,000 words a day if you pick our Express Service. This means you can be sure of getting your checked manuscript back in good time, even if you’re working to a deadline.

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