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10,000 students
We're Perfectionists

We're pros at polishing and perfecting written English. In fact, our expert proofreaders have helped more than 10,000 students enhance the quality of their work - ensuring their writing is eloquent, error free, and ultimately, the best it can be.

100 pro editors
We're Specialized

We've seen the impact the right proofreader can have on improving the grades of important papers and boosting the GPAs of hard-working students. Because we have more than 100 pro editors, we╩╝re able to strategically match you with the perfect professional proofer for your paper.

8 years
We're Experienced

Over the past 8 years, we've not only perfected students' college papers, we've also helped them learn to write better. We cater solely to students, so we recognize the importance of hard work and continuous learning.

50,000 papers
We're Passionate

At our core, we're writers who love to read and review. We've passionately proofed more than 50,000 papers-ranging from journals to dissertations—eliminating grammatical errors, strengthening word choice and establishing a consistent tone and voice.

100 countries
We're Efficient

Much like the students we serve, we're extremely deadline driven. To tackle the tightest turn-in times, we work around the clock, 365 days a year for students in more than 100 countries. We're so confident in our ability to meet deadlines that we've developed a next-day guarantee (for documents containing 10,000 words or less). We also offer an express service in case you need work returned sooner without compromising the quality.

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